AMAs at r/developersIndia have been long overdue, but we are finally making it official and setting up a process to host them so that the community members can benefit from it.

Perks for being an AMA author

  • AMA posts are pinned on our subreddit for the duration of AMA (24 hours). Pinned posts are official and have more page views/engagements, hence your thoughts/ideas/voice reaches more people across the internet. For instance, developersIndia registers almost 158k views in a day.
  • We announce about the AMA from our official social channels: Twitter, LinkedIn & Discord mentioning your social profiles.
  1. Community engagement: developersIndia is the largest online forum of Indian techies, you get to answer (and hear) all kinds of opinions.

  2. Publicity: Promoting your AMA on social media can generate buzz and publicity for your brand, product, or service. This can attract attention and drive traffic to your website or platform.

  3. Networking and collaboration: Engaging with the community during an AMA can also be a networking and collaboration opportunity. By connecting with other professionals in your field, you can identify new opportunities for collaboration or partnership.


  • You apply for an AMA via the form (or reach out to a community representative).
  • We confirm your identity and reach out with a confirmation and some follow-up questions.
  • We schedule an event on our LinkedIn page and discord server.
  • You post from your Reddit Account as soon as the agreed day/time arrives for the AMA.
    • Add any details that verify you are indeed the person by linking your announcement post to any other social profiles that confirm your identity.
  • We mark this post as an official AMA post.
  • The community team remains online with you to resolve any of your queries or problems during the AMA.
  • You start answering questions for an agreed interval time (For E.g. 24 hrs).

Guidelines for AMA

For Host

  • You don’t need to answer any questions via DM. Hosts are recommended to close their DMs to keep trollers and unwanted chat requests away. You can do this by visiting the URL on Reddit web.
  • You don’t have to reveal any personal details like address, email, etc.
  • Reach out to moderators if someone is trying to troll people in threads, spreading hate, or is being rude. We won’t tolerate people creating a ruckus.
  • Check out any post on r/IAmA for reference on how an AMA post can look like.
  • For proof of identity, you can just create a post from your official LinkedIn/Twitter account and paste the link in the post description.
  • We recommend hosts, that they address the question in batches, it could happen that a lot of questions may start popping up one after another which may overwhelm you. Please take frequent breaks during the AMA.
  • After the AMA has ended, we will lock the post so that no one can ask any more questions.
  • After the AMA, has ended, We recommend hosts edit the original post and say their goodbyes to the community, or maybe summarize the AMA.
  • During the AMA, if you think some questions are getting repeated, feel free to ignore them. Optionally, you can create a summarized answer which we can pin to the thread.

For Everyone else

  • Make sure to followΒ developersIndia Code of Conduct.
  • Be polite and professional while asking questions from the host.
  • Any failures to not adhere to community code of conduct can lead to permanent ban.

Where can I find past AMAs?

How to apply