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AMA with Liyas Thomas, founder and CEO at Hoppscotch

AMA with Harishankaran K, Co-founder and CTO HackerRank

Hari hosted an AMA on 4 Aug, 2023

AMA with Hari, CTO at HackerRank
by u/sp2hari in developersIndia

AMA with Chris Slowe, CTO Reddit

Chris Slowe hosted an AMA on 19th May 2023.

Hi Everyone! I'm Chris Slowe, CTO @ Reddit! AMA
by u/KeyserSosa in developersIndia

AMA with Dr. Kailash Nadh, CTO Zerodha

Dr. Kailash hosted an AMA on 7th May 2023 which received hundreds of questions from the community. The AMA lasted for 6 hours

I am Kailash Nadh, hobbyist developer, CTO at Zerodha. AMA.
by u/knadh_zerodha in developersIndia