In order to keep the developersIndia community warm, welcoming, and safe, we ask that all participants read and adhere to the following code of conduct.


  1. Be kind and courteous to your fellow members.
  2. Criticize ideas, not people.
  3. Discuss publicly and refrain from direct messaging people unless it is specifically requested.
  4. Don’t be offensive
  5. Ask questions; don’t ask to ask. There’s no need to write, “Is there anyone that can help me with X?” ask about X.


  1. No violence or threats of violence of any kind.
  2. No sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, or other prejudiced or discriminatory language or actions; this includes jokes.
  3. No sexual harassment, including unwelcome sexual advances or offensive remarks about a person’s sex.
  4. No cursing or swearing at other people (but feel free to use curses and swears about the #$%@ code, IDE, language, hardware, or physics).
  5. No NSFW material. It includes nudity, gore, or any other potentially disturbing imagery.
  6. No revealing another’s private information against their wishes (doxing).
  7. No stalking or intimidation, online or otherwise.
  8. No spamming, trolling, flaming, or other disruptions of the peace.
  9. No advocating or threatening of any of the above behaviours.

Where this Code of Conduct upholds

This code of conduct pertains to our online community platforms (GitHub: @developersIndia, Reddit: r/developersIndia and Discord Server).

Consequences for violations.

If a participant engages in behaviour violating this code of conduct, the core members of this community may take any action they deem appropriate. Actions may range from a simple warning to the most drastic: expulsion from the community, exclusion from any interaction, and loss of all rights in the community.

You can reach out to the developersIndia community team by e-mailing or

Additions, amendments, and feedback

It is foreseeable that this code of conduct will need additions and will be improved upon. Online culture changes and new views and sensitivities emerge, which need to be considered. To add or modify our Code of Conduct, please fork and send a pull request or open an issue with your proposed changes. Our community will happily review it for inclusion.


Portions of this Code of Conduct were inspired by the following: