Join Us as a community volunteer and helps us build the largest community of software & tech folks in India 🚀.


Your responsibilities while volunteering at developersIndia will depend on what you work with. In any case, below are some general things that everyone must (try) to follow.

  1. As an active community volunteer, you must ensure that the community members follow the rules enforced inside each channel. Your responsibility involves checking that no one violates the developersIndia Code of Conduct.
  2. Participate in community team meetings, and provide feedback on how & what the community can do to improve the experience.
  3. Participate & encourage folks inside the community to participate in community events or software projects.
  4. Engage with community updates across our socials.

Volunteer Code of Conduct

  • If you happen to volunteer with the subreddit, make sure to follow Reddit’s Moderator Code of Conduct
  • Below is a set of guidelines that are expected to be followed by each community volunteer.

Be curious and have a growth mindset

  1. You seek new and different perspectives to expand your views.
  2. You view feedback as an opportunity to learn.
  3. You make decisions deliberately with clarity of purpose.
  4. You are open to candid feedback from fellow community members without getting defensive

Use your judgement efficiently

  1. You make decisions using your judgment with the community’s best interest in mind.
  2. When faced with ambiguity, instead of not making a decision, you make a provisional, common-sense decision and then.
    • Communicate your decision to other members in the team.
    • Seek information from others that can disprove your decision (in case of an incorrect decision).

Don't be a jerk

  1. You don’t interrupt others or ignore their opinions.
  2. You don’t bully, humiliate, or oppress individuals inside the community.
  3. You don’t use intimidation as a tactic – physical, vocal, or any other kind.
  4. You don’t attack people personally while giving feedback.
  5. You treat people with respect regardless of their disagreements or differences with you.

Collaboration & Work Style

This section highlights how the volunteers & admins can work together in harmony and build trust among each other. We highly recommend reading this.

  1. In case of any disputes among volunteers or between volunteers & admins, Community admins make the final decision.
  2. We don’t want (or expect) you to work 24×7. Being a moderator & community builder is a thankless job. So if you choose to be one, know the consequences in & out. Nevertheless, we (community admins) greatly appreciate your work ❤️ and will try the best of our efforts to make the journey smooth.
  3. To build a mutual understanding & trust with each other, we recommend talking with each other over an audio call (either on google meet, discord VC, etc.) once a week or a month (whatever the consensus is). Building trust over a huge distance over “text” chat doesn’t work and has never worked. To fix this, we need to be able to talk with you to understand why you want to be a community moderator & what motivates you to stick with the community.
  4. We expect you to take ownership of the things you suggest. Instead of pinging other members, you should be able to execute the decisions.
  5. You are always free to provide feedback to other members on how they work but make sure that no one gets hurt in this process, i.e., instead of criticizing people, give them a possible solution or a way to improve. In case of disputes, try to avoid arguing over the internet. Always know there is a real person on the other side of the screen. (Note: this can be prevented if everyone trusts each other).
  6. You are free to leave the team at any point in time. Ping an admin, and we will relieve you of your duties. As soon as you leave, you are not entitled to talk on behalf of the community team.
  7. You can take extended breaks as needed (please try to prevent burnout 🙏). Just let the team know you will not be available for some time.
If you disagree with any point in this list, we recommend you to NOT join the team. However, if you have any follow-up questions on some items, feel free to ping the admin team or a team representative or email us at or at