AMA Process

A brief overview of how the AMA process looks like

  1. A representative from the community volunteer team reaches out to you.
  2. We confirm your identity and reach out with a confirmation and some follow-up questions.
  3. We confirm your availability for the session. AMA sessions are usually organized during weekends.
  4. We publicly announce the AMA on our socials, including the Subreddit, at-least a week before the AMA.
  5. You post from your Reddit Account as soon as the agreed day/time arrives for the AMA. We mark this post as an official AMA post and pin it (for at least 1 week).
  6. The community team remains online with you to resolve any of your queries or problems during the session.
  7. You start answering questions for a previously agreed interval time (E.g., 5 hours).


For Host

Before AMA

  • Availability
    • The volunteer team will provide you with suggestions for some good dates to host the session, although you have the final call on which date you will be available.
    • Weekends are preferred due to everyone’s availability.
  • Session Duration
    • All AMA sessions usually last 4–5 hours on average, you are free to take on questions as long as you like.
    • Some sessions have been extended by 24 hours as well, at the guest’s request.
  • Headshot/Profile Pic
    • The volunteer team will request a profile picture or headshot, which will be used in our event announcement posters.
    • We will share the announcement post with you before making it public to take on any suggestions you have.
  • Bio
    • The volunteer team will request a short bio about yourself, this is used to introduce the guest to the community. It’s only used on our Reddit announcement.
    • Based on your bio, the AMA conversation topics are decided. Topics are things that you would like to talk about. So feel free to share them with the team separately.
  • Event Promotion
    • Once the details have been decided and agreed upon, we will announce the AMA session at least 1 week before the date of the AMA. The event is also published on our public events calendar.
    • Once the volunteer team announces the event, We request hosts to announce the AMA session on their socials so that it reaches out to your audience as well. Feel free to tag us (or quote our announcement posts) on LinkedIn or X (Formerly Twitter) while doing so.
    • If you work in an organization, we will mention (& tag) those organizations when we announce the AMA. It’s not expected, but we request you let the social media (or marketing) team at your workplace know about this. Again, this is optional and good to have. If you have any problems or concerns with tagging your workplace, please let us know beforehand.
  • Identity proof for AMA
    • For proof of identity, we request guests to create a post from their official LinkedIn or X account. Here’s an example of the verification post on LinkedIn by Dr. Kailash.
    • The link to this verification post can then be pasted into the AMA post body.
    • Check out any of our past AMAs for reference on how an AMA post can look like.

During the AMA

  • You don’t need to answer any questions via DM. Hosts are recommended to close their DMs to keep trollers and unwanted chat requests away. You can do this by visiting the URL on Reddit web.
  • You don’t have to reveal any personal details like phone, address, email, etc.
  • Reach out to moderators if someone is trying to troll people in threads, spreading hate, or is being rude. We won’t tolerate people creating a ruckus. However, the volunteer team will already be actively taking care of this.
  • We recommend hosts, that they address the question in batches, a lot of questions may start popping up one after another which may overwhelm you. Please take frequent breaks during the AMA.
  • During the session, if you think some questions are getting repeated, feel free to ignore them. Optionally, you can create a summarized answer which we can pin to the thread.
  • The AMA duration is totally based on your availability, it can go anything from 2 to 3 hours to 24 hours as well.
  • During the AMA, someone from the volunteer team will constantly be in touch with you to clarify any questions or resolve any issues.

After AMA

  • After the AMA has ended, we will lock the post so that no one can ask any more questions. It’s also an indicator for everyone else that the Host is no longer available to answer any further questions. 
  • After the AMA, has ended, We recommend hosts edit the original post and say their goodbyes to the community. Feel free to include any external web links at the bottom of the AMA post.

For Everyone else

  • Make sure to follow the developersIndia Code of Conduct.
  • Be polite and professional while asking questions from the host.
  • Any failure to adhere to the community code of conduct & rules can lead to a permanent ban.

Where can I find past AMAs?