If you are reading this, then you might be interested to know how the developersIndia community team works, or maybe you want to become one.

This document lists down all the possible tasks across different categories a member will eventually perform once they join the team. The list is not exhaustive.

We maintain an ideas & initiatives list, this board contains items that have been requested (or suggested) by the community members multiple times.


Managing Events

  • Take the lead on organizing events, and talks in the community.
  • Reach out to any potential folks who would like to organize events with the community like AMAs, Code Live-Streams, etc.

Design UI/UX

  • Help the team with improving their design sense.
  • Make any posters for upcoming events.
  • Help with fixing developersIndia community assets.

Moderating Discord

  • Enforce server rules by reminding users to use correct channel to discuss something.
  • Ban/Kick users who are not following rules even after multiple level of warnings.
  • Take any feedback and discuss in with the other community team members.
  • Be a part of in-server activities like Events, Q/A etc.

Managing the Subreddit 🛡️

  • Be alert of new items in the mod queue, and make decisions whether to remove or approve a post from the queue.
  • Answer any mod-mails. Users sometimes reach out via Reddit mod mail to ask queries.
  • Take action against any user reports.
  • Take charge of answering on behalf of the devsIndia mod team if someone mentions/tags you in a comment/post.
  • Improve/Create new Subreddit wikis, by collaborating with other volunteers.
  • Actively take feedback from members and take actions to improve, if possible.
  • Optionally be a part of Subreddit activities to drive engagement by participating in weekly discussions, competitions, AMAs, etc.

Managing the Wiki

  • We have a community-driven and open-source wiki.
  • Help with reviewing any wiki proposals that come up, take the lead, and help the author with refining the wiki.
  • Reach out to any potential folks in the community who can contribute to the community in terms of their knowledge/wisdom by writing a wiki for the community.

Social Media

  • Draft out announcement posts across our social channels.
  • Work with the design team to build out assets for posts.
We value your time, understand you might not be able to do all these things. Heck, no-one can, We just want you to give your best and hopefully together, we will be able to build & grow the community 1-step at a time.